Amsterdam-based trio Labasheeda tout a rousing rock sound on their new album Blueprints, impressing in its range of fervent alt-rock, moody post-punk, and string-laden haunts; the latter compels in particular on standouts like “Fossils” and “Procedure.” The act has released multiple albums and EPs since 2004, and continue to impress on Blueprints, emphasizing the act’s knack for stylish rock immersion alongside alternating time signature and Saskia van der Giessen confidently dynamic vocal presence.

“Fossils” kicks off the album with ample stylistic intrigue. Debonair vocals, steady strings, and momentum-ready guitars build into the climactic “don’t rush,” vocal refrain. “Better think twice!” they remark into a haunting guitar crawl. The driving guitars, confident vocals, and escalating guitars craft a sound that reminds fondly of The Go-Betweens, combined with a modern rock punch in the vein of Yeah Yeah Yeahs; a rock nostalgia and post-punk immersion intertwine with captivation.

Eerie strings also star on the atmospheric “Volatile,” engrossing with its delectably creepy glow. “Minus Minus” is in a different spectrum, embracing vigor with dexterous percussion and enthused vocal passion. Showing a tonal variety of successes, Blueprints is a thrilling showcase in quality art-rock production from Labasheeda.

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