Full Moon Magazine 21/12/23


Silné texty a melodický chaos (Labasheeda)

Markéta Kovaříková | Články

Výrazné housle, intenzivní bicí a pronikavý hlas zpěvačky Saskie van der Giessen. To jsou charakteristické rysy amsterdamské kapely Labasheeda. Od svého vzniku má na kontě několik alb, se kterými se dostala nejen do místních podniků, ale také za hranice Nizozemí. Artrockové trio přichází s novou deskou Blueprints, ve kterém si užijeme i violoncello, marimbu a kontrabas.… Read more

Rosy Overdrive 18/12/23

Labasheeda are an Amsterdam-based trio who are new to me, but apparently have been around awhile–their first album came out back in 2006. Their latest album, Blueprints, is the band’s sixth full-length, and it’s a collection of relatively difficult-to-classify indie rock. The three members of the band (Saskia van der Giessen, Arne Wolfswinkel, and Bas Snabilie) certainly sound like they’ve been playing together for some time now; they move as a single unit throughout Blueprints.… Read more

Perte et Fracas 17/12/23


A chaque fois que je lis Blueprints, même au pluriel, j’entends I’m not playing with you, yeah you mais on n’est pas à Washington DC, c’est Amsterdam ici. Labasheeda publie son sixième album qui peaufine et magnifie de disque en disque son approche indie-rock prenant ainsi une consistance qui fait plaisir à entendre. Comme pour les précédents enregistrements, il faut toujours un peu de temps avant que les morceaux ne développent leur charme insidieux.… Read more

De krenten uit de pop 20/11/23


door Erwin Zijleman

De Amsterdamse band Labasheeda heeft met Blueprints een werkelijk geweldig album afgeleverd, dat stekelige rocksongs combineert met nogal uiteenlopende invloeden, avontuurlijke klanken en gedreven zang
Labasheeda draait inmiddels al een tijdje mee, maar met het onlangs verschenen Blueprints kan de band uit Amsterdam wel eens flinke stappen gaan zetten. Op haar nieuwe album combineert Labasheeda invloeden uit de postpunk en indierock, maar door de bijzondere bijdragen van bijvoorbeeld de viool past de band in geen enkel hokje.… Read more

Indieoclock 15/12/23


Labasheeda traz novo disco de cheio de atitude e energia

indieoclock dezembro 15, 2023

Por: Tati Teixeira 

Labasheeda, o trio super poderoso de Amsterdã acaba dd lançar seu novo e brilhante álbum,  um trabalho vivo e cheio de atitude.

Blueprints é o nome do novo disco de trabalho do genial trio Labasheeda, com eles o punk continua vivo e cheio de energia,  são 11 faixas cheias de atitude e autenticidade.… Read more

The Sleeping Shaman 4/12/23

By Reza Mills
I first became aware of Labasheeda having reviewed their last release, 2020’s Status Seeking about which I commented on it being ‘an enjoyable listen and fans of 90s indie will become misty eyed with nostalgia’, something I didn’t address however was the band’s name. A Google search reveals that it is the name of a village in County Clare in Ireland famous for Irish traditional music and dance.
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Words Through Action 4/12/23

Blueprints” is a new full-length album by Labasheeda, recently released on vinyl and streaming platforms. It’s the sixth full-length by this exceptional Dutch trio, serving as a perfect follow-up to “Status Seeking,” “Changing Lights,” “Castfat Shadows,” “The Twilight State,” and “Charity Box.” It’s also good to mention that the band also released several extended plays like “Old Traditions,” “Listen, The Snow Is Falling,” “Circle”, and “A Few Of A Population.”… Read more

3 voor 12 Noord Holland 5/12/23


De Amsterdamse band Labasheeda waar Saskia van der Giessen de spil in is bestaat sinds 2004. De band heeft al een lijstje aan albums achter haar naam staan. Hetzelfde geldt voor het EP materiaal waar Labasheeda zelfs de gebaande paden soms verlaat om te laten horen wat ze allemaal kunnen.

Op het nieuwe album Blueprints verlaat Labasheeda een aantal malen die gebaande paden.… Read more

Live from Berlin 02.02.24

During the soundcheck at K19 in Berlin, we asked our friend Nicolas Haumann to shoot some footage for a video. It turned out so well that we decided to post this version of Minus Minus without further editing. Thanks, Nicolas!

We really enjoyed the tour, the first with our new drummer Igor Plzak, and look forward to the upcoming gigs, of which there will be plenty this year.

The Big Takeover 30/11/2023


By Dave Franklin

It’s just at the point where rock and roll tips over into noise, where melody turns into sonic soundscaping and where song structure becomes untethered and unruly, that you find Labasheeda. Few bands manage to find the sweet spot between traditional rock and post-rock, the place where new attitudes sweep away the cliche of the past and where the worst excesses of experimentation are held in check by the perfect blend of muscle and melody.… Read more