Castfat Shadows

LP: Presto Chango Records PCR 005-1 (on transparent green vinyl)
Released: April 16, 2012

Side A:
1. Castfat Shadows
2. Detective Song
3. Light Blind Dark Intentions
4. Cars
5. Minor Flaw
6. Withdrawn

Side B:
7. Double Exposure
8. Fake Italian
9. Police Song
10. Intertwined
11. On Tippy Toes
12. A & A
13.… Read more

Castfat Shadows

Our new full-length release, Castfat Shadows, is available from April 16. The album is released on transparent green vinyl and as a digital download – no CD this time (yep, the times they are a-changin’ indeed). You can listen to two of the new tracks in the music player.

The split 7″ with Wavezero is delayed a bit, but will be released in the near future.