Following on from the rapturous response to their much-loved 2021 EP ‘Old Traditions’, Dutch outfit Labasheeda are back on the grind once again as they deliver their eagerly-awaited new studio album ‘Blueprints’.

Featuring the previously shared gems ‘Curiosity’ and ‘Vanity’, this new eleven-track collection makes for an incredibly rich and vibrant listen. Jam-packed with stellar hooks, a soaring atmosphere, and mesmerising vocals layered throughout, ‘Blueprints’ sees them return with some of their most impactful material to date.

While they have certainly developed a strong and confident repertoire of releases these last few decades, ‘Blueprints’ shows that they are still brimming with plenty of fresh and dynamic ideas in which to explore. With such a bold and immersive approach to their songwriting and production, they continue to shine as true innovators on the scene right now.

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