Turn Up the Volume! (turnupthevolume.blog), 15/12/2020

Album Of The Day
Indie Is Alive And Kicking – Discover ‘STATUS SEEKING’ By LABASHEEDA

Who: Female fronted art-rock, noise and post-punk quartet from Amsterdam. Tying together a decade of adventurous, sound-evolving albums and changing lineups, are penchants for concise, stripped-down melodies, and quick switches from spacious bass lines and drums into heavy, chaotic, and sometimes anthemic guitar-driven songs,
drawing comparisons to genre-pushing bands such as Sonic Youth and Sebadoh.

Released: 4 September 2020

Key references: Bettie Serveert, Sebadoh, Throwing Muses, Pavement, The Breeders

Turn Up The Volume: Is punk dead? Maybe. Is rock dead? Maybe. Is slacker dead? Maybe. Is pop dead? Maybe. Is indie dead? No way. As long as music junkies like these blend all aforementioned genres into a compelling sound of non-arty-farty and non-money-greedy honesty with a thrilling twist of their own, indie will be alive kicking. It only takes you 36 minutes to find out what I’m raving about.”

Key tracks: Dark Dream / Interruption / Crossing Lines / No Guarantees / Infralight