Blueprints” is a new full-length album by Labasheeda, recently released on vinyl and streaming platforms. It’s the sixth full-length by this exceptional Dutch trio, serving as a perfect follow-up to “Status Seeking,” “Changing Lights,” “Castfat Shadows,” “The Twilight State,” and “Charity Box.” It’s also good to mention that the band also released several extended plays like “Old Traditions,” “Listen, The Snow Is Falling,” “Circle”, and “A Few Of A Population.” Soundwise, Labasheeda nurtures a unique sound based on combining many styles. Perhaps post-punk comes to mind first, but you’ll notice some of the finest properties borrowed from punk rock, noise rock, art rock, indie rock, alternative, and new wave lurking around in the mix. Labasheeda uses these additional elements as more than necessary enhancements, accentuations, decorations, and other details that unquestionably uplift their songs on an entirely new level, while the band remains loyal to the primary sonic direction. Therefore, these experimentations with various genres resulted in a comprehensive collection of catchy songs, bursting with a rich and luxurious ambiance.

Labasheeda invested a lot of ideas and time in their new material, and the effort paid off with an incredible amalgam that shines with so many impressive moments. Every song acts as a separate story that somehow works harmoniously with the remainder of the album. It’s also nearly mindblowing how every song carries some vital qualities of mentioned genres. Tracks like “Fossils,” “Closure,” and “Sparkle” serve as a perfect overture into this album, delivering many art rock, noise rock, and punk rock experimentations and improvisations. The heavily distorted guitars bring cleverly assembled chord progressions, riffs, melodies, and themes, serving as a perfect backdrop for an outstanding vocal performance. In the meantime, vividly hearable basslines and odd-time signatures offered by the exceptional drummer dictate groove and pace. Songs like “Homeless,” “Curiosity,” and “Vanity” shine with post-punk, goth rock, and art-punk ambiance, bringing even more diversity to this material. These songs almost sound psychedelic thanks to the subtle addition of a chorus effect. As usual, the band handles these styles pretty well, and these compositions perfectly suit the remainder of the album.

Remains Of Love” serve as a perfect closure with their hypnotic melodies, themes, and harmonies. The vocal shines on the “Tigre Royal,” with all those perfectly balanced low, mid, and high notes. These vocal maneuvers perfectly emphasize everything the remainder of the band tried to achieve with their music. “What Remains Of Love” is a catchy indie composition entirely drenched in an art and math rock ambiance. It has repetitive chord progressions and melodies that immediately draw your attention, while the equally complex, vividly hearable, warm-sounding basslines offer more than necessary heaviness, depth, and clarity. The drummer keeps this number steady with moderate, well-accentuated beats, breaks, and fills, holding the remainder of the band in line. It’s a beautiful outro from such a magnificent sonic journey that will appeal to your ears no matter which music genre you prefer.

Labasheeda has created a post-punk masterpiece with “Blueprints.” It’s one of those albums that demands your utmost attention if you’re into the genre, and beyond. Their experience, knowledge, skills, talent, ideas, and musicianship shine throughout the entire material, forcing you to repeat this material over again. Labasheeda proved they’re one of the best contemporary bands, capable of releasing excellent music every time they desire to. You can purchase the album on vinyl directly from Labasheeda’s Bandcamp page or listen to it on all streaming platforms.

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